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1st Grade

Mentor Texts & Links


Don't be afraid to make mistakes!  Author Page  Beautiful Oops song Author visit to first grade class -- using mistakes to spark creativity!



Ramon learns to think "ishfully" to overcome his fear of failure Author Page  Ish video The Dot video (prequel to Ish)


Olivia is an imaginative and active pig!     Olivia video   Olivia's official webpage  Author's Page     Olivia paper dolls! 


Analyzing can be fun!  Book  read on  video


How are the cornucopias the same, or different?


How are the Pilgrims alike? How are they different?  Online Game: Analyze the picture to spot the hidden pictures!

See my page on 'Coding for Kids'

All You Need for a Snowman  Raymond Briggs' The Snowman


Get 2 Months for $5!