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2nd Grade


Mentor Texts

(also see the First Grade page)

REACH Parent Information Night




Olivia uses lots of elaboration and her GIANT imagination to cook up a tale about her summer vacation at the circus!

But does she use elaboration when her mother asks about her day at school??  

Does she elaborate about her boat ride?           A teacher reads the story!    Stop-motion retell film


~Fluency & Think-a-Ramas~

How many types of hats can you think of?






Children used the skills of Imagination, Elaboration, Communication, & Analysis to examine and create unique snowmen!


Use the skill of ANALYSIS to see how the covers of these books are alike and how they different--don't forget the titles and the background!


~Better Letter~

Students practice their flexible thinking, imagination, and elaboration to turn a letter of the alphabet into something new.











Get 2 Months for $5!