Coding for Kids


    Be a Thinker, a Tinker, a Creator, an Innovator!


Play is the highest form of research. - Albert Einstein

Video Intro: The Hour of Code!

Why learn to code?  

Simply, there are not enough people that know how to code to fill all the jobs currently available in America!

Girls Who Code--Summer Immersion Program:   What is Computer Science? (video)  Video about Hour of Code!   Video about coding for kids    Lots of coding choices -- Played in School (Codey’s Quest)

Coding Sites Specifically for Girls:

Parents: How & Why Teach Your Kids to Code  Teaching Your Kids Coding  Family Coding Day 

Apple Stores- Youth Spark Programs:

Microsoft--Kodu download: 

Seasonal Coding Activities:  Christmas Tree lights   Make a snowflake  Penguin Elsa - Frozen  Complete a short coding project that teaches basic Javascript. Create your own holiday card and more with Scratch!  Make your own holiday card Make a Xmas Game



Apps & Games:

Tyker, Google Santa Tracker, Lightbot, The Foos (beginner)  NEW  FREE apps for Android!

Run Marco!, Kodable, The Foos,  Cargo-Bot  NEW FREE  apps for Ipad!

The Foos is also available on KindleFire and works in Chrome browser! 

A FREE alternative to Minecraft:   Build Apps for Android devices    App for ios or Android   App for iPhone / iPad  App for iPhone / iPad  App for iPad  App for Ipad: $2.99

Codecademy: Hour of Code  App: iTunes  App  Ipad App  Ipad App -- Code to write other apps, like Cargo-bot! Invent Apps--don't just play them!  Kodable App   Hopscotch App 7 Apps


Websites to Learn Coding   Build a compass app!

Learn to Program with Robots!

Learn to Make Webpages!

Games (most can be played on different platforms: tablets, Smartphone, Chromebook)  Learn game design--similar to Minecraft! Speed Racer  "Unplugged" Hour of Code Activities--without technology Beyond the Hour of Code--for when you've finished your assignment  Basic coding for kids  Coding with Ruby  Learn JavaScript  Coding activity without a computer  Make your own phone app!   Downloadable coding program  Build your own game  Learn about Lego Mindstorms   Webmaker  PC and Xbox

Teachers:  Why is the Hour of Code so important? Preparing for the Hour of Code   How to teach the hour of code  Ideas to Teach Coding from ITSE '14  Khan Academy Coding in the Classroom podcast, Part I  Binary Coding  Kindergarteners  One-hour basic coding lesson   A GAZILLION links to other resources!  Python is a free and powerful programming language used worldwide by those in industry, research, and higher education.    Get started in JavaScript, Python, or Ruby!   More advanced coding options   Advanced  Advanced   More coding activities for the more experienced.... 4 themes: Game Design, Storytelling, Fashion & Design, and Music & Sound  Coding classes $$