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Summer Camps:  FREE PASSES for every 4th grader!


Characteristics of 'Gifted' Children - Not necessarily the 'best' students!

48 Links for the parents of gifted children:

Eight Things the World Must Understand About Gifted Children


Gifted Girls:

Gifted Boys:  http://

Giftedness Defined

The "Downside" of Parenting:

What to Say Instead of Praise:

Lego launches social network for kids:  

Overexcitabilities, and Asynchronicity, and Perfectionism! Oh, My! 

Emotional Issues:

Gifted children can often be described as 'intense.' Their social and emotional interactions and reactions are often more intense than a typical child.  Read on:

Byrdseed: GT for Parents and Teachers:

Boston Globe: The Poor Neglected Gifted Child:

Art DOES make one smarter!

The Physical Act of Writing:

The top 100 picture books for kids:

Book Lists for Talented Readers:

The top 100 children's books of the last 100 years:

Books for boys:

Not just for girls:

This just may be: A site encouraging girls into STEM through toys:

Why it's Crucial to Get More Girls into Science!

Forbes: Buy Kids Legos, But Throw Away the Instructions!

This 14 year old kid is a Lego genius!

Developing Your Child's Critical Thinking Skills - See my Coding page

Critical Thinking Activities

Gifted Students Have Special Needs, Too!

Emphasizing Effort

The "Worry Monster:"  What Type of Anxiety Does Your Child Have?

12 Lessons About Gifted Kids from Matilda

Interesting Reading:  Forbes Magazine--What You REALLY Need to Succeed!

CNN blog: Schools of Thought

Underachievement of Gifted Students

Lack of Funding Leaves G&T Students at the Mercy of Schools

Gifted Students Get Left Out of Funding (audio)

Meet the Young Scientist Winners!

Great Educational Apps for Kids

NY Times Notable Children's Books of 2012

Lot's o' Links in One Place

TOYS for GT Kids

Reading List for Gifted Kids of All Ages (older page)

A Different Place

Titled as a "For Kids Site" but....Many Links for Young Gifted Learners

Educational Information & Resource Center

Smart Girls at the Party!

Helping Your Child Become a Better Writer

Online Games for Gifted Kids

Art Education

Food for Thought:  

"On Being Gifted"  (YouTube)

"I Am Gifted" (YouTube)

Myers-Briggs Interest-alyzer Tests: Find out more about what kind of learner YOU are!



"Gifted Children:  Nurturing Genious"


Gifts for the Gifted:  My Recommendations          All the apps you could ever hope to find for many of your devices