Thinking Skills

~Thinking Skills~               


Pretend to lick an invisible ice cream cone...


"I Saw a Cat" Activity

The first person begins by stating, "I saw a cat."   

   Students try to IMAGINE a cat. Will all the cats that students imagine be exactly the same? Why, or why not?

The next person ELABORATES upon that sentence by adding another word.  

    (Try a sentence about the 5 W's = Who, What, Where, When, & Why) For example, "I saw a black cat."

Again, everyone tries to IMAGINE a cat, but now it is black.         

Play continues until there the 5 W's have been added. Students can also add details about "What kind of," actions, or inferences, as well.

By clearly ELABORATING on their description, students will discover that COMMUNICATING their ideas, whether written or drawn, are much easier for others to understand after they have added details! The kids have a lot of fun with this - here is one of our final sentences. Students agreed it was now MUCH easier to IMAGE the cat, and felt they would be better able to draw a picture of the final sentence that would clearly show their understanding of what was just described.

    "I saw a little black cat outside in my yard yesterday, and I thought it was hungry because it was meowing."

Now, wasn't that easier to picture in you mind?


"Classifying or organizing information or objects by how they are similar or different"

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